What do you think the best windows 10 antivirus software is?

When we talk about the virus guards, everyone has their own theories. But do you know what the best virus guard is? Let’s see.

What do you think the best windows 10 antivirus software is?

It's not only free for Windows 10, but also pre-installed on your pc-as per AV-TEST, a separate IT protection institute, Microsoft Defender has ranked for the second time in a row as the best Home User anti-virus app.

Microsoft Defender has earned a perfect score in its latest report from AV-TEST in three categories-defense, performance and usability. The complete brands were also awarded to McAfee, Avast, AVG, Avira and numerous other solutions.

"We tested 22 home user protection items continuously during the period from July to August 2020, using the default settings," reads AV-TEST. "The new version of all items we have ever used for the research is available to the public. You may upgrade yourself to your in-the-cloud services at any time. Our emphasis was on practical test scenarios and our products faced real-world threats.

AV-TEST subjects everybody to a stringent research process, including real-world risks, to determine antivirus solutions. All the recent exploits of cyber-attackers are explored to see how virus-based software can copy, including zero-day malware, drive-by attacks, compromised emails and more.

They also tests whether the solution has a detrimental impact on the efficiency of the system it protects, along with the efficacy of any selected antivirus software. Often, one of the key reasons people opt for anti-virus solutions is to slow down website and application launches.

The recent recognition confirms the opinion that most of the time the built-in Antivirus program from Microsoft would be adequate to secure your computers. It has daily updates and a shortage of bloatware as well. However, you may also want to consider a variety of highly successful third-party antiviruses.

So, why waste your money for paid anti-virus apps for your windows PC, when they already gave you the best virus guard free.