The Battle Robots and their Legendary History

Robotic Industry runs to a wide range of scope. Well, the Battle Robots or the Robot Combats are completely for fun.

The Battle Robots and their Legendary History

The Battle Robots are a special theme of robotic competitions all over the world including Sri Lanka.  Every year a competition or a battle of robots are been organized by groups of people or students just to clarify how good they are in making battle robots and how they use technology to defend their own robots.

It has always been a satisfaction to watch how the tiny little robots made by human fight with their opponents. It’s really fun to watch those tiny creatures use their own shape and moves to defeat the other robots.



This fantastic tradition of Robots is as good as playing a video game with your friends, just as live as it is. Well, according to my opinion everyone should experience a little bit of it.

In United States of America, there is a super interesting battle show on the television called Battlebots. Marc Thorpe, the founder of popular robot war competition, was entangled in legal battles with robots in 1994. The few of the events organized in San Francisco has been cancelled and rejected. But in the end, Trey Roski and Greg Munson received the legal acceptance for events. The first Battlebots even has been scheduled in 1999. 

There were three weight classes;

Kilobots- 25-55 lbs wheeled or 25-83 lbs legged

Megabots- 56-109 lbs wheeled or 84-164 lbs legged

Gigabots- 110-200 lbs wheeled or 165-300 lbs legged


However, this is not the first robotic competition of U.S. In 1987 was the first battle was found, Critter Crunch. In 1991 another battle was found which was named, Robot Battles.

In Sri Lanka Uwa Robot Battle is a robot battles. The students create great memories along with the experience during their game. And there are another competitions organized by various group of people. Google I/O and Google I/O extended Sri Lanka 2017 is another example.

Starting from there, the battles of robots and the battle rounds alive till today. Let’s hope that they are as common as simple toys for make fun to the kids and their parents.

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