BALLIE-Another Cute Step of AI

Ballie is a light weighted robot with AI features, which introduced by SAMSUNG in this year. For SAMSUNG, It's a huge step.

BALLIE-Another Cute Step of AI

What if you can have someone or something that can know your ideas and help you accomplish every household thing you need to do? Well, this sounds good for most of the house wives which do dozens of work around the house.

Recently SAMSUNG introduced their new AI device onstage of CES 2020 which held in Las Vegas. It was an Intelligent Robot which was about a size of a tennis ball.

It was their vision to create robots as “life companions” and it has begun by the arrival of BALLIE.

It is a personalized device that understands the situation and supports the situation. It can work as a security robot, a fitness assistant, and it can help to connect with all the smart home devices in the house. It can also help the kids and pets on their entertainment purposes.



The SAMSUNG BALLIE has an inbuilt camera on it which detects all the activities of people and pets of the house. It also possesses with a voice activation system.

The device is a very small device and yet it corporate with a huge amount of household activities. On the first sight it is more like a cute pet device which chases where ever you go to help you out on your things.