Avengers of Marvel: Gaming can be "more intimate" than films

Thor swings his Mjolnir hammer, smashing a robot to smithereens from outside.

Avengers of Marvel: Gaming can be

He protected planet Earth, a role he did in comics, on TV and, most recently, in movies for close to 50 years.

But the Thor looks and sounds a little different this time on film. And depending on who's playing, he'll act differently.

It's not the shows, so that's not. This is a new Avengers game.

But according to Thor, this is not just a bad imitation of Marvel's immensely popular blockbusters. According to him.

"To him ... it's making your own movie, Travis Willingham tells Radio1 Newsbeat.

"It's not just a passive spectator viewpoint."

In this game, Laura Bailey is Black Widow, famously portrayed in films by Scarlett Johansson.

And she chooses the principal difference between the two versions.

"you get to embody these heroes," she says. "You get to feel like you're them-but they get to be the version you want them to be."

In their home in California Travis and Laura share a couch – they talk to us online.

Since Black Widow and Thor are married in the real world, plot twist.

When the game was first released, some people criticized the characters for the appearance of the iconic superheroes as very bland.

But a cast of actors consisting of gaming royalty is behind the animations.

From Nolan North to Travis, and from the Troy Baker (known for playing Joel in the Last of Us), who plays in the Uncharted series Nathan Drakes.

Travis played Kingpin recently in Spiderman, while Laura was announced as an Abby in the last of us 2 for her performance.

They also performed these roles from smartphone titles to Lego models in earlier games.

Developers hope Marvel fans will receive these new versions of the characters.

The game is played from a third person perspective; it wants players to work through missions and continue to develop their selected character 's skills, gears and strengths as with titles such as Destiny 2 or The Division.

Some reviewers are disappointed by the absence of gameplay diversity and technical difficulties, while still being fascinated by the shows and some cinematic moments.

Travis and Laura expect to find an audience involved in more acts of Avengers.

"There are no way we are going to be able to be what the movies are," Laura says.

"We are making a completely different story, and it’s great to be breaking off in that way."