The new Apple Watch 6 with fascinating features!

Apple Watch 6 can receive Touch ID, tracking gesture and much more requested functions.

The new Apple Watch 6 with fascinating features!

You can buy plenty of cool, useful smart watches with a range of features, which are nice tools while Apple Watches have some other tricks. Well, a new patent suggests that Apple Watches could get more features. This patent was only recently won by Apple and covered features for health, gesture controls and more, but it was filed early in 2019. This means that Apple has been experimenting with technology for some time, and we could see it very quickly on an Apple Watch — maybe even Series 6, but it's unclear.

We don't confirm that we will see anything in the Apple Watches patent, however-only patents tell us that a company is testing features, not that they will definitely use them. And the patent is huge, with a lot of features-although Apple would probably not introduce them all in one go in its smart watch.

Touch ID, which has been in iPhones and iPads since generations, is a top security feature of the patent shows. If this is possible, the smart watch will probably require a fingerprint validation before you view personal data. Before you see personal data.

There are also movements that will identify different trigger motions to activate different functions, similar to the "raise to wake" that is present in many smart clock forms-but the patent does not specify the sort of shortcuts that can be.

Similar to that, a special algorithm is referred to in the patent that would allow the Apple Watch to identify the limb. The patent also contains some health features, including blood oxygen monitoring, a feature that is now present on numerous smart clocks, and one that many hope will come to the Apple Watch.

Blood oxygen surveillance, often called a Sp02 monitoring, regulates the volume of oxygen (no surprise), as a symptom of different conditions-is small quantities of oxygen. Other health features included medical notifications (e.g. health reminders), nutritional and dietary recommendations and other health information, but little detail was provided about how these will be incorporated.

It’s not sure when or if we'll see these features on an Apple Watch, but Apple will still need to add new features to keep up with the slew of other great smart watches on the market.