Apple iPhones have become vulnerable for hacking!!!

Apple iphones have reportedly become vulnerable for hacking through its in built Mail App according to The Wall Street Journal

Apple iPhones have become vulnerable for hacking!!!

Apple iPhones and their other devices had one mail feature that they were proud about; the security of their devices. Though they had a few attacks in the past it was still considered as having the best secured device a person can use. 

A huge vulnerability has been discovered in the Apple iPhone's in built Mail App which makes it easy to hack for hackers. This bug has been discovered by ZecOps which is a Cybersecurity company. Over half a billion phones have said to have been affected by this. What happens is that hackers would send a blank email to your Mail account on your iOS device and as you click to open it, the app would crash and the user will have to reboot the device. During this process, the hackers will be able to access your data such as contacts, photos and other sensitive information. 


This attack is somewhat different from the typical hacking attack as the user does not have to click on a link or download any app from an external website. According to ZecOps, the hackers have attacked six high profile individuals including an executive in Japan who is from a mobile carrier, a Fortune 500 company in N. America, employees of tech companies from S. Arabia and Israel, a journalist from Europe and a person in Germany. Apple has included a fix for this in its upcoming software update in the coming weeks.


A beta version is available but for those who are unable to download the beta version, you may consider disabling the Mail App and use other mail services such as Gmail and Outlook. Apple has denied commenting on this vulnerability so far.