7 Facts Why Sri Lankans are Poor!

Why Sri Lanka never go up in the ladder on income? Why is it always a developing Country? Here are Seven reasons why.

7 Facts Why Sri Lankans are Poor!

After a very long vacation due to COVID 19, I Started fresh to see through peoples lives. What I have noticed is that, After so many downfalls and mistakes, Sri Lankans have the courage to smile through their fear and poverty. Not every nation in the world are capable of doing that. So let us discuss about Sri Lanka and why is it still a developing third world country with so many poor people.


Most of the Sri Lankan families are based on one working individual. He/She may be a Government Servent or working at a private firm. But even in the Sri Lankan middle class, most of the families are based on either husband's earnings or wife's earnings. They have no further income. So there is 0% chance of them getting away from their daily routine of work to try out another high level income. Because if they quit their daily routine, try out a new income source such as a business and failed, they would be thrown to the road and have to starve for the rest of the days.  

So Let us see Seven Facts why Sri Lankans are Poor and Why they are not trying to overcome them. 

1. Lack of Jobs:  

In Sri Lanka the job market is very dull. There are no new openings on the firms as they are not  expanding with the population growth. Even for them to expand, Sri Lanka’s market growth is  very low. Even if you are a very talented and educated guy, you might get to wait for over a year  to find a suitable job. But that also might not be interesting or suitable enough for you. But if  you have to do this or stay home with no income, that is when you realize that Sri Lanka’s Job  market is Dull! 

2. One Day Millionaire Habit: 

Most of the time Sri Lankans create their own parties to show off even when they get so little  income. Just assume that you have passed your Advanced Levels exam and your parents wants  to throw a party for your achievement. That is actually okey if you are a millionaire. But if you  are a child of a regular income earner, please do not. Invest the capital of the party in a Diploma.  At least you will learn something. Do not try to make fake happiness through spending money  and pretending to be rich , It lies with you even if you are rich or poor. 

3. Laziness and Pride: 

Most of the time Sri Lankans are lazy to do their own work. They are making excuses and  pretending that they are working but actually hey do not. If you are a Sri Lankan you might have  experienced this when you are going to a government office to get something done. All the  laziness and the pride of their job can be seen there. That is why Sri Lankan government sector  does not get more income from general public. People like kind and fair, not proud and lazy  people telling them what to do. Even in the case of a teenager, Sri Lankans always want to join a  job, not make something like a business by trying hard. Parents want their children to be regular  income earners. Not Businessman or entrepreneurs.  

4.Putting Faith in Pyramid Schemes: 

Pyramid schemes are there in Sri Lanka more than you imagine. Ten out of hundred people have  experienced this at least at low level. Pyramid scheme is a fraudulent system of making money  based on recruiting an ever-increasing number of "investors." The initial promoters recruit  investors, who in turn recruit more investors, and so on. The scheme is called a "pyramid"  because at each level, the number of investors increases. Mostly Sri Lankan people get caught  on these due to lack of financial knowledge. 

5.Lack of Proper Education: 

Lack of proper education is a large problem in Sri Lanka nowadays. Most people wither can  Read, Write or Speak in English. Many does not know how to do business. No understanding  about Science and Tech. This might not be a problem after some time since the Sri Lankan  education system has undergone many amendments with the government authority changes.  

6.Not taking Risks: 

Even if you have money, the money does not grow on your hands. You have to invest and make  a profit. Most Sri Lankans do not know how to invest and they fear that they will lose their  money. Investing can be done even with 100LKR but you have to take a risk. Most of us are  afraid to take the risk. But the people who have taken the risk have gone up in their ladder of  achievement. 

7. Not taking care of Health: 

You should always take care of your health in order to earn or do any task well. Your body and  mind should be free from illness to get through life in every way. If you get sick and all your  earnings had to go away for your treatments, that would be the end of your success. Most Sri  Lankans do not care for their health at any way. Their simple answer to any sickness is a pill of  “PENEDOL”. Go for a medical checkup at least once a year. Stay Healthy. 

So after all I have to say that Sri Lanka is a country full of opportunitis and resources. So please make somethig for yourself other than running after getting a job as a predictable man. Do something out of the ordinery. Get out of the box. Thank You!