5G the Backbone of Industrial Internet

5G was developed to meet and overcome massive data growth and IoT connectivity, transforming the reality of the day and paving the way for tomorrow

5G the Backbone of Industrial Internet

In addition to connecting trillions of devices instantaneously and its connection speed, capacities and communication times, known as latency, exponentially quicker. 5G will make possible a remarkable range of innovative new products and services.

5G promises quick lightning, little noticeable latency or time for communication response and significantly higher capacity. All four leading US carriers in some cities have green light test networks and partial implementations.

Uses of 5G

  • Internet of Things (IoT) - With the Internet of Things (IoT) linking billions of machines and devices, modern industrial processes and applications are revolutionized
  • Real-time Control - Real-time device control, vehicle to vehicle communication, independent driving, and remote medical services are just some examples of highly reliable low latency communications.
  • Improved broadband mobile - Increased mobile broadband provides dramatically faster data, features household fixed wireless internet and more travel connectivity.

The improvements of 5G

  • 100X  more efficient traffic
  • 10X more experienced throughout. That means multiple Gbps peak rates.
  • 100X network efficiency
  • 3X spectrum efficiency for more efficient signaling for IoT connectivity
  • 10X decrease in latency. Providing latency as low as 1ms.
  • 10X connection density

5G is the next mobile Internet connection generation and provides much faster downloads and uploads.

It will allow far more devices to access the mobile network simultaneously by increasing the use of the radio spectrum.