The brand new iOS 14.5 update and its new features

Apart from iPadOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4, Apple is now rolling out iOS 14.5 to the iPhone. This is a very big update which brings many...


5G the Backbone of Industrial Internet

5G was developed to meet and overcome massive data growth and IoT connectivity, transforming the reality of the day and paving the...


Duke of Edinburgh Announced dead by Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham palace has announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II’s husband has died.


Upcoming, Spider-man: No Way Home; in this Christmas!

The third movie of spider-man is called “Spider-man: No Way Home” will be coming in this December! Here are what we know so far.


A built-in dictionary to your MS Edge browser pdf reader!

Microsoft Edge's PDF reader now lets you look up dictionary definitions. Here's how!